Anastasiia and Afshin

* * *


Have you ever heard people say, “If you go back in time and kill a mosquito, it can change the future?” Well our story would never be told if everything in the universe did not happen exactly as it did during the time we met.

How we met

We were both randomly told about an app called Jswipe (Tinder for Jews). The App was fairly new and incredibly sophisticated. Right swipe for Yes or Left swipe for No. If both parties swipe right, a dreidel spins and big letters say “MOZEL TOV! It’s a match”….No I’m not kidding ). It showed you all 12 people active on the App in your city, but if you were not satisfied with all those choices you could expand the radius of your matches to infinity Kilometers (Miles for you Americans) which is what everyone did as soon as you ran out of matches close to you.

Well... We matched!

It started with 1 text, which led to daily texting, eventually voice texts, to talking, to Facetime. Neither of us thought we would ever meet, but we never stopped talking. Our distance made it interesting, difficult, and honest. It formed a very strong bond between us and we couldn’t imagine ending it. But it brought up a very challenging question…Will we ever meet?

After 5 months of this, we decided to finally meet. It had to happen for both of us to know if it was truly what it felt like over the last 5 months. However, it wasn’t what we expected at all. It was better! But that’s when we both realized that we had a very hard path in front of us to actually make this dream a reality.

After a year and a half, we have finally managed to find a way to live in the same country and we can’t wait to celebrate our luck and love for each other with our amazing Family and Friends.

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Katharine Watson